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New Mexico and Texas

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April 21, 2010

Wow, I can’t belive it has been over a week since I last posted. We have been through the amazing dunes in White Sands, then off for a great drive through cowboy county to the International UFO museum at Roswell (a little cheesy, but still fun).

Next we headed across the Texas pan handle to Fredericksburg, San Antonio (for the Alamo and river walk) before heading over to Austin. This whole area is so beautiful and the people are so friendly - Donna and I are really loving the Lone Star State.

Our first stop on arriving in Houston was to tour NASA’s Johnson Space Center - well worth the visit once you get past the Disney reception center. We took the tram ride to see the spacecraft simulators used for astronaut training and a real life Saturn V rocket.

Yesterday, we drove out to Galveston Island to give Becky and Daisy a good run on the beach, and they loved it. The island is a little run down, and many of the properties have not been repaired after the hurricane of 2008 - maybe it is just the recession, or maybe we have learnt enough to stop fighting mother nature on this one.

Heading east again today - should get to New Orleans tomorrow - we can’t wait!