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September 20, 2009
[![Bodie](/u/2009/09/19/bodie-small.jpg) ](/u/2009/09/19/bodie.jpg) It has been two weeks since we lost our Special, and the house has never felt so empty. So we made the trip down to the [Oregon Humane Society](http://www.oregonhumane.org/) and came back with Bodie & Doyle - two of the most adorable three month old kittens you have ever seen. Whilst these boys look alot alike, they are very different in character. Bodie is the personification of kittenhood - loving, a fearless explorer with no sense of danger, he is chaos in motion. Doyle is much more reserved - born to a feral cat, he arrived at the Humane Society in a sorry state with fleas, worms and bites on his back legs. But a week's care and he arrives at our house all fixed up with only a few scars and a bad cold to hint at his previous life. The boys have been in the house for about 24 hours now, and everyone is adjusting well to the new dynamic. Welcome to your new home my boys. [![Doyle](/u/2009/09/19/doyle-small.jpg) ](/u/2009/09/19/doyle.jpg)