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Health Care Rally

1 minutes
August 29, 2009
[![Health Care Rally](/u/2009/08/29/health-care-rally.thumb.jpg) ](/u/2009/08/29/health-care-rally.jpg) There was an odd sense of timing to this mornings Health Care Reform Rally as we met in down town Portland to campaign for Healthcare at the same time that Teddy Kennedy's funeral was travelling to the Senate. Not surprisingly for a democratic rally in Portland, there was almost universal support for sweeping reform, with demands for the single payer option featuring prominently on many of the placards. In many ways, it would be the most fitting tribute to a man who stated that "health care is a right for all Americans, and not a privilege" to have the reform bill named after him. But any successful bill will depend on whether the politicans in Washington can get together to create the kind of bipartisan, pragmatic solution for which Kennedy was best known. Hopefully, when Washington returns from the summer recess, they can find the courage and determination to achieve his vision.