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Health Care Can't Wait Rally!

2 minutes
August 25, 2009
![](/u/2009/08/25/asclepius.png) If you care about health care, then please try to attend the rally at 10AM on Saturyday morning at Terry Schrunk Plaza, SW 3rd Avenue & SW Madison Street Portland, OR 97204. We need a big turnout to send a message to both parties that inaction is not an option, they must fix the healthcare system now! Personally, I'm sick and tired of the FUD around health care reform - the demonization of the public health care option makes no sense when you consider that America's existing public options for veterans, native Americans and the elderly are hugely popular. President Obama has been quite clear: 1. The status quo is unsustainable as costs are increasing three times as fast as wages. If you have insurance now you and/or your employer may not be able to afford it in the future if there is no change. The health safety and security of Americans is at risk if we do not change the system. 2. The public option is very much desired by the President as a VOLUNTARY OPTION for those who choose it. No employer can push employees into the public option against their will. 3. If you like your present M.D. you will be able to keep your present M.D. 4. Similarly you can keep your present insurer if you prefer to do so. 5. Health insurance would be reformed to guarantee the following: * No pre-existing conditions could prevent someone from getting insurance * No lifetime or yearly caps on expenditures would be permitted * If you become very sick and expensive for your insurer, you would still be guaranteed a continuation of the policy 6. For Medicare, the donut hole on Rx coverage would be closed. With all that our current system is costing the country, how can we afford not to act?