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Cool augmented reality demo on CNN

1 minutes
March 15, 2009
![Plug into the smart grid](http://www.neotextus.org/u/2009/03/smartgrid.jpg) CNN are running a segment today publicizing a GE [advertizing campain](http://www.plugintothesmartgrid.com/) for their Smart Grid which has got to be seen to be believed. If you have a camera on your PC, follow the instructions to print out the sample page and hold it anywhere in view of the camera. The flash application downloaded will create a three dimensional animation which bursts out of the page you are holding. This is really fun, and all done in Flash - wow! The model not only reacts to movements of the paper, you can even blow over the wind turbines (well actually into the microphone on your laptop) to make them spin. It's all done with the open source [FlarToolkit](http://saqoosha.net/en/flartoolkit/) - kudos to GE for not only getting the best out of open source, but also publicizing the fact. There is a demo on the website for those who want to play around with the ideas, although most of the documentation is in Japanese :-(