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Getting fit with the Wii

1 minutes
May 26, 2008
![Wii Fit BMI](http://www.neotextus.org/u/2008/05/wiifitbmi.jpg) We almost never do it, but yesterday morning Donna and I were up at 6AM to go shopping! We were after the Wii Fit which launched on Thursday, and out local Fred Meyer's were getting a deliver of about a dozen. So at 7AM we are standing outside the local Freddie's in a gentle Oregon rain queuing with the dozen or so other hardcore Wii fans waiting for the doors to open. (I must admit that I really don't get Nintendo's business model - how can it be profitable to have so many customers waiting so few products?) So what do we think of it? Well first of all a big warning - don't buy the Wii Fit if you are over 330lbs! Although marketed as a fitness program, it will refuse to work if you are too heavy. Personally, I managed to work around this little problem by sliding a magazine under the balance board! - not a perfect solution, but it seems to work. First impressions are that Nintendo have done it again. The balance board feels well built and the games are fun yet challenging. The next couple of months will show whether a video game can actually make a difference in fitness.