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Poor Becky

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May 24, 2008

Becky, our 5 year old labrador retriever, has been going through the wars over the last couple of months. At the end of March, she started limping and Dove Lewis diagnosed soft tissue damage in her paw. Unfortunatly, it didn’t heal on its own, so after a few weeks we took her to see an orthopaedic specialist who diagnosed a torn ACL.

So a month ago, Becky had surgery to repair the left knee, which went well except that a post-op examination of the other knee found ACL damage. This week, Becky had here second knee operation, which seems to have gone very well. However, when Becky was being prepped for the operation, the surgeon found a lump on her leg. The good news is that the surgeon was proactive, the bad news is that it was cancer :-(

Becky is back at home now, and doing well although it will be about three months before she can play off leash. Personally, I’m just praying that bad luck comes in threes, and we don’t get any more nasty surprises (or big vets bills!) this year.