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No dog park at 53rd Avenue

1 minutes
April 6, 2006

The City of Hillsboro presented there preferred plan for the new park at 53rd and baseline this evening, and whilst the city had received many requests for a dog park, the final proposal was not to include it due to concerns over the neighborhood impact. In a further effort to reduce the impact of the park, the multi-level parking structure has been removed and buffer zones on the periphery of the park have been introduced. The overall effect is to significantly reduce both the cost (now expected to be 45-50 million dollars) and the usable space within the park.

There is one more round of modifications due to the plan based on the current proposal, and then the plan will be taken to the advisory committee on April 20th, the park commission on April 25th and the City Council on May 2nd. Comments on the current plan can be made on the project website, which will be updated as plans finalize.

On a more positive note, a new site for a dedicated 3.75 dog park had been proposed on NW 229th which could be up and running as early as next summer. Laurie at Hillsboro City Council is managing the proposal, and expects to make an initial design proposal in July.