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Starbucks is killing me

1 minutes
October 24, 2005

Starbucks is killing me. Killing me with sweet kindness but still killing me. Let me explain.

I’ve been trying to loose weight for a few months now, and it’s all gone sideways since Labor Day. Looking back, I’ve had two big problems:

* I got out of the habit of religiously counting calories.  It's like hitting snooze on the alarm clock, when I've had a few bad diet days, it's just too easy to 'forget' to weight myself.
* I got back into the grande soy toffee-nut latte.  It's all just too easy, I go into Starbucks to get an Americano (200 calories), and walk out with a toffee nut latte (450 calories) AND a scone (another 450 calories).  That's 900 calories, over half my daily goal!

Sorry Starbucks, but you have to go. At least until a big part of me has ;-)