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October 20, 2005

‘Googlehunting’ seems to be the latest craze going round the Oregon blogs (Tabitha,Rebecca Marie) and it seems such a great idea that I just had to have a go. All you need to do is go to Goggle, click on the images link and type in her answers to the questions below, then post the first picture that came up for each category as well as your favorite picture.

The questions (or more like categories) are:

Here are my results:

**Answer** **First Picture** **Favorite Picture**
Name of the town where you grew up London [![](/u/2007/03/11/1st-home.jpg) ](http://raffee.bol.ucla.edu/london-pictures/London%2520Bridge%2520Tower%2520of%2520london.jpg) A classic view of London, from a web site in California - go figure. [![](/u/2007/03/11/fav-home.jpg) ](http://www.london-nano.ucl.ac.uk/lcn/London%20Eye2%20copy.jpg) That's more like it, this is actually from a London college.
Name of the town where you live now Hillsboro, Oregon [![](/u/2007/03/11/1st-town.jpg) ](http://www.ledtronics.com/pages/applications/img/hillsboro_arch2.jpg) This light railway bridge is quite beautiful, although a little out of place in the otherwise normal looking neighborhood. [![](/u/2007/03/11/fav-town.jpg) ](http://www.newhomes.com/nhimages/or01.jpg) One of my favorite views, it's just a shame it's a view of Portland from Pittock Mansion and not actually Hillsboro.
Your name Paul Brett [![](/u/2007/03/11/1st-me.jpg) ](http://bre.ecademy.com/images/photo/43691.jpg) Who is this guy? [![](/u/2007/03/11/fav-me.jpg) ](http://www.intel.com/technology/techresearch/people/pix/photos/brett_p.jpg) That's more like it :-)
Your grandmother's name (either one you choose) Nora [![](/u/2007/03/11/1st-gran.jpg) ](http://www.missingangel.org/babies/Nora-her%20picture.JPG) [![](/u/2007/03/11/fav-gran.jpg) ](http://ashcrofterriers.com/images/102-0242_IMG.JPG) OK, so it looks nothing like my gran. Actually, I'm not even sure it really looks like a dog either.
Your favorite food Veggie Pizza [![](/u/2007/03/11/1st-food.jpg) ]( http://www.bigoakdrivein.com/islandpizza/) They must be good, if Google expect me to go to North Carolina to get a Pizza! [![](/u/2007/03/11/fav-food.jpg) ](http://www.thatsanice.com/recipes/r030_VEGGIE_PIZZA.htm) This one looks nicer, and I get to make it fresh at home.
Your favorite drink Guinness [![](/u/2007/03/11/1st-drink.jpg) ](http://www.k3e.info/mt/archives/2004_11.html) The king of drinks. [![](/u/2007/03/11/fav-drink.jpg) ](http://www.millenniumcollectables.co.uk/guinness-badges.htm)
Your favorite song Bohemian Rhapsody [![](/u/2007/03/11/1st-song.jpg) ](http://www.geetarjohnny.com/classic-solos.html) Why does Bohemian Rhapsody link to a site about classic solos? [![](/u/2007/03/11/fav-song.jpg) ](http://www.cyber-cats.com/images/cards/dancing-cats.jpg) I don't see the link, but these guys are just too cute to not include.
Your favorite smell Summer rain [![](/u/2007/03/11/1st-rain.jpg) ](http://photos-now.net/rain/rain-04.jpg) So pretty ... [![](/u/2007/03/11/fav-rain.jpg) ](http://geecobain.tripod.com/sanfordspringvale/sanf_rain.jpeg) but much more real

Go on, give it a try :-)