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Towards Citizenship

1 minutes
September 14, 2005

As a non-resident alien on the long road to attain American citizenship, I find the Lisa Comrie’s recent pointing both inspiring and frustrating. It is good to see that the process can work, but I still fail to understand how America benefits be making intelligent, hardworking, highly motivated foreigners wait 15 or 20 years before they can take on the responsibilities of citizenship.

The latest backlog in immigration processing occurred after the passage of a new law that allowed undocumented or out of status immigrants to apply for green cards if a family member or employer sponsored them, but they had to do it by April 2001. I do not think I will ever understand why America makes legal immigrants wait and fight for so long, whilst silently ignoring the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. :-(

My congratulations and respect goes to Lisa for surviving the process.